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Temporal Nexus

Gavin Greig's Weblog

Gavin Greig
Gavin Greig is not the well-known and distinctly deceased Edwardian folk-song collector of the same name.

This Gavin Greig is a software developer at Insights in Dundee, Scotland, and lives in Kingsbarns. It's a shame he's not a golfer. He is a graduate of the nearby University of St. Andrews (once) and University of Dundee (twice).

He once maintained an early Doctor Who portal on the web, and his main claim to immortality seems to be that he's quoted in the FAQ for the MUMPS computer programming language, of which it would be fair to say he is not a fan. Although you won't find a lot of his work on the web these days, there is an article at CodeProject, and he contributed the first Windows installer for doxygen, though the credit for maintaining it is all Dimitri's.

If you have a Palm Powered® handheld, you can sample Gavin's software development skills and see what the company he works for does by downloading Insights Impressions (freeware). Oh no, you can't, as it's now been withdrawn. Oh well.

Gavin is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for Microsoft .NET and a StartSSL Web of Trust notary. (He was similarly a thawte Notary until thawte withdrew their Web of Trust service in late 2009). He is also a Member of the British Computer Society, and a Chartered IT Professional (MBCS - CITP).

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StartSSL™ Web-of-Trust NotaryFormerly:
thawte Web of Trust Notary Seal
Official NaNoWriMo 2006 Winner
Gavin T.D. Greig
Kingsbarns, Fife, KY16 8SX Scotland

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