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Travelling up to Aberdeen at the weekend, I went looking for Chef Jang. Scooting out of the train station, through the new Union Square mall with its gleaming, clinical Yo! Sushi, I walked briskly up the cobbles of Carmelite Street before poking my head around the door on the ground floor of Aberdeen Market, expecting to see the popular hole-in-the-wall.


In its place, Mama’s Kitchen, which does look worth a visit in future for West Indian food, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Mama told me that Chef Jang had moved to Huntly Street.

When I was first introduced to Chef Jang’s a few years ago, it was literally a hole in the wall. You could order your sushi or sashimi and your only option was to take it away. In time, it expanded into the unit next door,with three Formica benches you could sit at on plastic stools. It was aye busy and, crucially, no just with peely-wally Scottish chiels.

I eventually managed to find Huntly Street; up onto Union Street, head west and look for it on the North side. About half way up Huntly street (map), this is Chef Jang’s new commercial abode, Yorokobi by CJ (the web site’s “under construction” at the time of writing but  the link’s here for future reference):

Yorokobi by CJ, Huntly Street, Aberdeen

It’s a proper Japanese/Korean sit-down restaurant. The menu has expanded, and for those who indulge, it’s also licensed. I had soft shell crab, unaju, and green tea ice cream. A cup of miso soup was also served with the meal.

Soft shell crab Unaju - eel fillets in kabayaki sauce, with rice and pickles Green tea ice cream

Chef Jang’s food is simple but good (simple in the “elegant” sense!). Take away is still an option, for the sushi and sashimi. It’s not the cheapest – my meal was £22.85 – but it is enjoyable.

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