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Another "round-up" posting with no one topic to cover. Last time I did one of these, I said I was waiting for a reply on whether or not it would be OK to blog work. Well, I got a sort of half-hearted nod a while back, so maybe I'll have a bit more to say about technical issues in future.

I'm already writing a monthly "column" (between 400 and 600 words) for the internal company newsletter, but of necessity it's pitched at a non-technical audience. Here I can maybe go into a little more detail for anyone who's interested, and if you're not - it'll be easy to skip those entries.

I caused some consternation a few weeks ago by announcing that hippos were pink, but I've now been vindicated. Our art department, completely independently, featured a pink hippo in a questionnaire in development for primary school children.

It's not quite as daft as it sounds. If you're painting a hippo miniature then English Rose makes a good undercoat for repeated washes of Raw Umber - although on my monitor, Coral Rose looks a closer match to the actual shade of the pink paint. Hippos are heavily tanned, but if you have a look at a photo there's actually quite a lot of pink on show. It's most noticeable around the eyes, ears, nostrils and underneath. A series of dark brown washes lets it show through a little all over, and more in those areas.

I found that Inscribe also do a crackle medium which I have tried out more successfully than the one I wrote about a while ago. I now have a small rowing boat miniature with cracked paint - if you look closely enough. Maybe I should have chosen a lighter colour...

The T-Rexes have been undercoated but I haven't dared put a brush to them seriously yet, and the front garden has had its exuberance checked a little. The berberis was barbarous, as you'd expect of a plant the Italians say made up part of the crown of thorns, and a pair of secateurs died in the onslaught. The back garden still requires attention.

Finally, just as that last round-up posting welcomed Janice and scottymcleod's son Andrew (and although most interested parties who're reading this will already know) congratulations to kateaw and tobyaw on the birth of Beth last weekend.

The picture this time is of me and my sister after her christening.
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