Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Cast Off

My cast came off this morning. Things are not completely right yet, of course, but on the whole it feels good to be out of the restraint. And I have just had a bath in which my left forearm felt the caress of soap and water for the first time in six weeks, which is quite a relief.

I need to work at it to get the full use back. Most noticeable at the moment is that I can’t bend my hand back very far, and I can’t rotate my arm clockwise to get the hand flat (at least not easily and comfortably). However, I’ve made some minor progress on the first even today, and I will need to make progress on the other to manage comfortable typing, so there’s motivation.

Behind the cut, there’s a “before” picture – an x-ray of the break. For non-medical viewers, my hand is at the top of the picture, and you’re looking at the arm from the side. The protrusion on the right is the heel of my palm. If I did a thumbs up, my thumb would be pointing out of the picture towards you. The break is in the large bone just back from the wrist, and the outline of my arm shows how it was deformed.

Colle's Fracture

As usual, click through if you want a larger version.

For very medical viewers, hobbitomm, I passed on your regards and they were reciprocated. I would have done so earlier, but I didn’t see the same chap last time I was in.

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