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Musical tip: if you haven’t heard of her yet, check out Marina and the Diamonds. Yes, her ("I'm Marina, you're the Diamonds."). I think a fair proportion of the people who read this blog are likely to enjoy her music.

I’ve seen comparisons with Kate Bush, but I’m inclined to think they’re not fair to either artist. I Am Not A Robot reminds me of Ami Studt’s Misfit, although – with no disrespect intended to Ami Studt – Marina has the better voice. Her vocal style's reminiscent of Shakira but I think she's got more character. Anyway, I think she’s good, judge for yourself:

Song (YouTube) ♦ Source ♦ Highlights
I Am Not A Robot ♦ Official video ♦ 
Mowgli’s Road ♦ TV performance ♦ Cuckoo calls and whistling
Simplify ♦ Unofficial

♦ Features the lines:
♦   “Do or do not, there is no try”
♦   ”Board games are underrated”

Obsessions ♦ Official video ♦ 
Seventeen ♦ Unofficial ♦ 

There’s not much opportunity to buy yet (a downloadable single and EP, or on 7” vinyl at a premium), but there’s an album expected early next year. Watch out for it.

Tags: board games, music

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