Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Modem Démodé

A sad and terrible thing has happened. My trusty 56k modem, which has served me well for the last eight years or so, has been made redundant, and I have joined the telephonic technocracy of the ADSL broadband connected.

The Boarhills exchange went live a bit over a week ago, and after a bit of frustration, my own connection is now turned on. For some reason, still unclear, not everything went smoothly and my router was failing to log in. According to the technical support guys at Demon, my login details were being truncated somewhere along the line. Despite making sure the router was flash upgraded to the latest version of the firmware, the problem showed no sign of going away. I left it late last night, feeling a bit hacked off, and intended to pick up problem-solving today where I'd left off.

When I arrived home from work though, everything was hunky-dory and the connection had been up for the last six hours. As I'd done nothing, I can only assume that there was something wrong elsewhere and someone quietly fixed it.

The router, a NETGEAR DG834G, cost less than my modem did back in nineteen ninety-mumble and, naturally, does considerably more. For example, if I ever get the decent wireless Palm that palmOne keep failing to bring to the market, I will already be sorted.

The ageing US Robotics Sportster Flash may no longer be required, but it will stay where it is for now. When my old Demon dial-up account had been terminated and the new ADSL connection wasn't working yet, it was very handy for connecting to my emergency pay-as-you-go dial-up account. I think I'll keep it just in case...
Tags: hardware

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