Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Five Years

As of yesterday, I’ve been blogging on LiveJournal for five years.

My original motivation for signing up was to comment with a name on real world friends’ blogs, like qidane's and tobyaw's. I can still do that, but it turns out I've acquired some friends I've never met too, and it's just as nice to hear how they're doing.

I figured I might as well try to make something of it by writing the odd entry too. Five years on, despite a few quiet spells, I've written 275 journal entries (including this one) and while I'm far from being the most prolific of my friends, I'm quite pleased to have reached that many. I intended to write more about software development than I have in practice, but it's probably a relief to most that I haven't!

Although I haven’t checked to be sure, I think I also figured at the time that I bought permanent membership that the five year mark was when it would have paid for itself; so from here on out my blogging on LiveJournal is effectively free. At the time I wasn't sure that I'd keep it up for that long, but it looks like I have.

I look forward to continuing to read you all in future, and thanks for putting up with reading me. I hope you'll continue to do so.


Tags: events, livejournal, thought

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