Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Nothing to see here

January’s not usually the time for seeing strange things in the streets of St. Andrews, but there must be something in the current financial climate that’s pushing businesses to try harder. Not one, but two curious things were to be seen today in a trawl around the small mediæval town:

A portrait of the Queen, in jelly beans Her Maj. the Queen of jelly beans. As portrayed through the medium of jelly beans, that is. Looking very youthful, if I may say so Ma’am. If I were you, I’d take that one over Rolf Harris’s any time.

A Curious Character I have no idea why this young gentleman was dressed in this way. My best guess is that he was helping to promote the newly opened optician’s shop he’s standing outside, presumably by convincing people they need their eyes tested.

Move along now please.

Tags: photography, st andrews, whimsy

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