Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Location Location Location

The Random Nutter's Handbook states that if you want to get involved in an armed police seige, choice of location is of the prime importance. This chap has taken that advice to heart, and arriving in the finest transport that money could arrange (a stolen digger), he's hijacked the local nuclear bunker.

The bunker is a mile or two away as I type, and, fingers crossed, won't get any closer.

Before going public as a tourist attraction about ten years ago, it was intended to be the secret nerve-centre to which Scottish ministers - of the political variety, rather than the Reverends I.M. Jolly and W.E. Free - would be evacuated if some Cold War loony dropped the big one. The value of location - and Scottish politicians - is once more demonstrated by the fact that the bunker is more than four minutes away from Edinburgh. I suspect the politicians were day-dreaming about golf bunkers in the St. Andrews area when they let that one past.

Day 2 Atomic troglodyte identified as Ronald MacDonald.
Day 3 Siege ends.
Tags: current affairs, humour, scotland

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