Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig


The BBC web site is prominently featuring a discussion and poll regarding which of three monarchs was the UK's greatest.

Only one out of the three, Queen Victoria, was a monarch of the United Kingdom at all. Henry VIII and Elizabeth were English monarchs. I suppose it's reasonable enough for English Heritage (who are apparently behind the discussion) to concentrate on English monarchs, but they've no business couching it in terms of the United Kingdom if that's so.

I've made a complaint, and of course am now feeling annoyed not only at the original error, but also that I've felt that the need to correct something relatively unimportant on the everyday sort of scale, and that some inconsiderate clods somewhere in the BBC and/or English Heritage are no doubt mentally dismissing me as a whinging Jock even as I write this.


Edit: OK, some credit to the Beeb where it's due, they do seem to have changed it already to make more appropriate reference to England rather than the UK.
Tags: current affairs, history, scotland, thought, tv

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