Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Cravats & Spats

Wearing a cravat In amongst my dad's things were a couple of casual cravats, and as it happened I also saw one in a charity shop around the same time that looked interesting, so after a few months to pluck up my courage I thought I would give cravat-wearing a try.

It doesn't seem to be an issue at work - I didn't expect it to be - but it draw some comments on the first day, when I wore Dad's silvery-grey cravat. The consensus seemed to be that it looked smart but relaxed.

The picture shows the charity-shop cravat, which is darker. but holds its shape better. The main drawback with this one is that the colour is strong enough that it shows through a white shirt.

Although wearing a tie has never really bothered me, I was pleased to find that a cravat is actually more comfortable. Though I can't see myself switching to a cravat full time, maybe I will for a change now and then.

A quick Google on cravats suggests that there would be no problem with supply if I chose to go for cravats in a big way, but I was disappointed to find that it's not the same story if you go looking for spats. Although I have no need for these items of apparel, I've always thought they looked a bit smart. I have a pair - from Dad's amateur theatrical days this time I think - which I was able to wear at one point (and did, for some fancy dress event). However, they're just a bit too snug to buckle underneath a pair of my shoes now, and I thought I'd find out what it might cost to get a new pair.

Surprisingly few hits occur, and they seem to assume that you're going to want to look like a gangster (or spiv) in white spats. No thank you; I'd prefer a subdued dove grey felt pair, not unlike the old pair that I have. Aren't they even worn for obscure semi-formal occasions these days?

Tags: dad, dandy, whimsy

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