Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Forget the Future

I've been talking about running a steampunk game for years. Not a huge number of years, but definitely years. In an effort to avoid actually doing anything about it, I did what any sensible person does and bought a whole load of figures to run the game with. It would plainly now be impossible to run the game until the figures were painted.

Some of the figures are now painted, though I have continued to follow the best of traditions and the majority are still unsullied by either acrylic or enamel.

Nonetheless, my last poor, sorry excuse was gone, and over the Christmas break I caved in and promised to run a game in February; or March if I wasn't ready by then.

Well, I wasn't ready for February, but I've publicised a date in March and am committed to following through now, so I'm working on systems and other such stuff.

I'm not doing my own system from scratch; I've done that for previous games, but perhaps steampunk doesn't really call for a system that models catching a fish in real time, beautiful pointlessness though it was.

Instead I've taken the most obvious choice (or so it seemed to me) from the multifarious game systems that support steampunk campaigns, and will be using ffutures' shareware rules, Forgotten Futures.

I held a play-test with flybynightpress and msinvisfem at the New Year, and found that were likely to be a few clashes between some personal styles and the system. With that in mind, I'm making a few changes to make myself as GM, and my likely player pool, more comfortable with it. ffutures has kindly given me permission to blog about what I'm doing. So... more in future posts. Unless I forget.
Tags: game design, roleplaying, steam elephants, steampunk

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