Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Developers: Nobody Special

It was nice to be able to feel a little virtuous this morning when I read Tales from the Crypto, where Alun was complaining - justifiably - that too may software developers run with local Adminstrator privileges. Although we may be (OK, we are) sinners in other respects, none of the developers at work run as Administrator any more, and this trend is now being picked up by the rest of the organisation, rather than the other way round.

I gave up running as Admin a little over two years ago, and though it took a while to convince anyone to join me, the rest of the development department took the plunge about a year back. Now, with us as guinea pigs to show that it's possible, the IT department is planning to push it out to the rest of the organisation.

This order of doing things is at least in part due to the small family company of a decade ago gradually becoming a medium-sized business; so we're developing a more corporate approach, rather than having had it ingrained for years.

I'm glad that this is one aspect of security where we're doing better now. Many of us will have been used to being lowly users when using computers at university. It's not so hard to go back. It'll help to protect your computer whoever you may be, on whatever platform, and if you're a developer - especially if you're a developer - it will help you to write better-behaved software.
Tags: software development, work

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