Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Brutal Sleighing in Anstruther

I got a phone call from my sister on Thursday to let me know she'd be in Anstruther with the reindeer for their Christmas procession on Friday (about twenty minutes away on the bus), so msinvisfem and I went along to say hello. We got there a bit early, so strolled along the harbour front in the dark and the cold, admiring the fairground stalls and checking out places to get warm again and have something to eat.

The procession turned up in due course, and we tagged along behind the reindeer and Santa in his sleigh, until they were safely ensconsced in the grotto and my sister came out to let us in.

It turned out that the most convenient place to keep us out of the way of the kiddies visiting Santa was in the pen with the reindeer, so we stayed there chatting until Santa had finished doling out presents and it was time for the reindeer-wranglers to pack up again and go. It was nice to get so close to the beasts, though a bit disconcerting for a big wimp like me when they sweep their antlers around a foot or less away.

msinvisfem got to feed lichen to the reindeer, and managed to remember all their names, which is more than I can do. Afterwards, considering the size of the place, Anstruther did better at providing vegan food for msinvisfem than I had feared would be the case, though I think she still found it a little disappointing, and I had garlic mushrooms followed by a sea-bass, which was quite satisfactory.

Demon reindeer (Sporran)
Demon reindeer (Sporran)

Sleeping reindeer (Vika)
Sleeping reindeer (Vika)

Reindeer calf (Lulu)
Reindeer calf (Lulu)

msinvisfem feeding a reindeer (Sporran)
msinvisfem feeding a reindeer (Sporran)

My sister feeding a reindeer with msinvisfem in the background (Sporran)
My sister feeding a reindeer (Sporran) with msinvisfem in the background
Tags: events, natural history, sister

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