Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Last chance to see...?

I'm taking some time off in about a week to visit scottymcleod and Jan in London before their junior edition arrives, and spent part of today on arranging travel. (I've also renewed my passport recently :-) I'm taking the train mainly through force of habit, but wonder whether the age of the train for the trek south has passed. With flights from Dundee to London City Airport at prices that aren't all that much higher, maybe I should have made more of an effort to check them out.

It's a bit sad that I find myself thinking that. I'm a big supporter of the rail system - less polluting than the airlines, more comfortable than a bus - but like many other things started in the UK, we don't seem to manage to keep them going as well as other countries, and privatisation seems to have been the last straw. You know it's got to be pretty bad if the party who did it have as good as apologised...

I expect it's not really the "last chance to see" the railways in action, but it might be the last chance to see scottymcleod and Jan for a while, as it looks fairly likely that a move to Mexico is on the cards for them.

The picture accompanying this journal entry is the rune for G or F, depending on whether you believe Tolkien's fiction or history. I'm considering it as a G here, but created the graphic using the F from the Vienna Futharc font, one of four runic fonts I created about ten years ago for Paul Bibire (no definitive online reference for Paul, but plenty of hits on Google). It probably won't be your last chance to see this, or some revised version of it, as it's likely to prove preferable to having my face on every post. If I get a proper web presence sorted out, which I'm slowly edging closer to doing, then I'll also try to do something about tidying the fonts up and putting them online.
Tags: current affairs, thought, travel

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