Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Gin Lane

One year ago, I was bemoaning the total lack of roleplaying in 2004. Well, 2005 hasn't been all that busy either, but things are looking up.

In August, I was involved in a couple of games of Psionic Dwarves in Space (more commonly known as Dwarves, and featuring little in the way of either Dwarves or Psionics, though it is set in Space). My super-hero character, The Welder, didn't especially distinguish himself but did get the first chance to use his lift-wood surfboard - purchased at the end of a game two years earlier - and we dispatched several Cthulhoid monstrosities.

Much more recently, flybynightpress ran a game on Monday the 2nd, his first local game in a couple of years, and the beginning of a new campaign, called Gin Lane. It's set in the 18th century, in the same alternate reality as New Jerusalem, though at least fifty years later on and set in England (London) rather than Germany/Poland.

The concerns are different from those of NJ; society has changed, and where the godly citizens of NJ were threatened by demons and hobgoblins in the wilderness around the town, the citizens of London are more endangered by their fellow man (and his meddlings in philosophical matters). Players are members of the Society for Effectual Redress, a coffee-house society dedicated to identifying and righting wrongs that King and Parliament are as yet unable to address.

Read more about it at flybynightpress's web site, including the report of our first adventure, or find out more about the olden days in NJ and how the world changed. There is an RSS feed for notification of updates.

The new icon was created at Caricature Zone, a site mentioned in a recent post by ffutures.
Tags: history, roleplaying

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