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I'm not usually a propagator of memes, but this one, found by sharikkamur, is a bit different. It gave me an excuse to say a little about a selection of my interests and I thought the ones it picked included some that could do with an airing. I hope some of these are also of interest to you:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bulldog drummond:
    Bulldog Drummond is a two-fisted fictional fighter of crime from the years immediately following the First World War. Originally written by Herman Cyril McNeile, under the pen-name Sapper, later books were written by his friend Gerald Fairlie after Sapper's death. They're not the finest of literature, but they're good yarns.
  2. clachan of glendaruel:
    The place I grew up from the age of seven, and where my parents still live. There are twelve houses, a pub/hotel and a church. When I was a kid it also boasted a post office, a tea-room and a craft shop, but those have all closed. The church is probably most noted for its small lapidarium. When I was home in August the tourist sign for the stones it contains was bigger than the one for "Clachan of Glendaruel".
  3. discworld:
    Terry Pratchett is funny. 'Nuff said.
  4. futharcs:
    Futharcs are the runic alphabets used by the Germanic and Scandinavian peoples of early mediæval Europe. Futharc is the sound of the first six letters in the alphabets. I maintain a passing interest in them, because I designed some TrueType futharc fonts for an Anglo-Saxon scholar about ten years ago. As fonts, I would have to say they were technically pretty poor, but they were worthy of note in that at, at least at the time, they were the only historically accurate runic fonts available. They represented the Common Germanic, Thames, Vienna and Ruthwell futharcs.
  5. jeffery farnol:
    Jeffery Farnol was a best-selling author during the first half of the 20th Century, now largely forgotten. It's likely that you would either love or hate his work - it's unlikely there's much middle ground. He is a romantic writer, who could sometimes be regarded as sickly, although I was surprised to find that flybynightpress found his pirate novels too grim. However, the reason I love his books is his grasp of language in general and archaic slang in particular: "Fibs off your pops, cull!" (Hands off your pistols, mate!). A favourite is The Geste of Duke Jocelyn, which is told to the author's bored daughter in a mixture of prose, blank verse and rhyme.
  6. maps:
    Maps are fun. I'd like to do more with Campaign Cartographer than I actually do.
  7. picts:
    Who could fail to be interested in the Picts? Between Roman times and about 800 A.D. they were the most powerful peoples in Scotland, but they've not left us much in the way of written history. They did leave some beautiful carved stone monuments, featuring symbols that folk are still trying to decipher.
  8. runrig:
    Scottish folk rock band that has been around for over thirty years now. Some of the classic Runrig line up have left the band and gone into politics - one is even an elected Member of the Scottish Parliament.
  9. steampunk:
    A genre of roleplaying set in the worlds of Victorian and Edwardian scientific romance (early science fiction). Some day I will run a game in such a setting - just don't hold your breath. If you think this sounds interesting, I must recommend visiting ffutures, the author of Forgotten Futures, which is a set of rules and resources for such a game.
  10. wooster:
    And Jeeves, of course. P.G. Wodehouse's writing is even funnier than Terry Pratchett's.

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