Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Doctor Who - Second Series

Having, what's the technical term, gubbed Ant and Dec in the ratings on Saturday, although the bookies had favoured Ant and Dec, Doctor Who has had a second series and a Christmas special confirmed. The linked article doesn't tell you what viewing figures it actually got, just the fears. What it actually got was an average of 9.94 million, with a peak of 10.5. This represented a 43.2% share of the audience, as against Ant and Dec's 31.4%.

These figures would have been respectable (though not outstanding) in the show's earlier heyday, when there were less channels competing. For the current TV market, they're pretty good.

Edit: looks like it'll be the tenth Doctor who returns though, theoretically leaving only three more lives. I'm sure there'll be a way around the limit if it's profitable though. Maybe the Doctor will turn into a gelatinous snake and possess an ambulance driver. Yes, that seems pretty likely.
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