Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Crackle ho hum

I've been painting a small 25mm rowing boat and I thought I'd try out some of the crackle varnish that I've had languishing in a drawer for a number of years, to give it a bit of added texture.

Luckily I tried a bit on a test surface first, as it was not a success - I failed to get any crackle resulting, just a bit of a smear. I'm not sure whether I just haven't got the hang of applying it yet - maybe there's a knack to it - or whether it may have expired due to old age.

In theory, you apply a coat of "Stage 1", then a coat of "Stage 2" on top, and as Stage 2 dries, the crackle should appear. Apparently the results depend on the thickness of the coats, which was a strong motivation for testing first.

Maybe I'll try again later, but for now I think it's back to applying Milliput scales to dinosaurs (around the joins where they have been assembled) and gloating over the Cybermen I've just painted...
Tags: miniatures, modelling

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