Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

St. Andrews Mafia

Following my exams on Friday, it was just a bit too late to travel north again from the vicinity of Oxford and hope to get home without hassle, so I took advantage of the situation to trundle east and visit scottymcleod and Janice in Kingston.

Junior addition to the family Andrew seems to be doing well and was much happier than last time I was down in London a few months ago. He's got a big wide grin and is keen on bouncing. He's very active and to my completely inexpert eye it doesn't look like he can be all that far off managing to stand.

Rather to my surprise I have been asked to be one of his godfathers, and accepted. I managed for many years to avoid being closely linked to the vast extended academic family which includes the majority of my university friends, but I guess this real world link probably now makes me part of that academic Cosa Nostra...

Looking for a link for academic families, there doesn't seem to be a really good explanation anywhere on the Web. You would have thought there would be a definitive source somewhere covering the traditions and vocabulary of Scotland's oldest University. Ho hum.
Tags: scotty, travel

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