December 15th, 2009


Raging Against The Machine

I’ve done my bit for the future of civilisation by buying a copy of Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine.

I’m not a follower of RATM. I always liked their name, but to be honest, I couldn’t have named one of their tracks before this week. Luckily, it turns out I like the track ( YouTube | Spotify ) both for music and message, although it’s a bit sweary. I don’t expect my money to make a huge difference to, well, anything really, and I know that the two artists are on the same label, so only Sony wins; but if a good showing for RATM convinces someone in a record company somewhere to spend a bit of money on music that doesn't fit an easy mould, then hurrah!

I don’t really object to a bland TV competition winner racking up a number one if people want to buy it; but I do object to the way one TV programme has monopolised the Christmas number one position for the last few years – how boring! – and I dislike the sense of entitlement that seems to be developing around that situation.

Why don’t you, too, spend less than a pound to register your “vote” against popularity contests and the commercialisation of Christmas number ones?

Hang on, I’m sure I could have put that better…