May 25th, 2006


I can see my house from here!

I seem to have brought productivity temporarily to a halt at work by telling people that Microsoft's online mapping solution, Windows Live Local, now has data for the UK, so I thought I'd spread the joy.

It is better than Google Maps in a number of areas. It looks like there's more ambitious functionality (though I've only tried it in IE, so I don't know what the story is like for Firefox or Opera) and what has us all excited here is that the satellite coverage is much better than Google has for really important areas of the country - like Fife.

And yes, this time I really can see my house from here. You may have to zoom out a little, as it seems to open at full zoom and we're not quite covered at that level. If you don't have a scroll wheel on your mouse, hold down Alt and double-click to zoom out. Alt-drag will select an area to zoom in on.

I still can't get any closer to my parents' house in Argyll than I can with Google, and Google still lets me get zoomed in closer on work (in Dundee) but perhaps those areas will be sorted out in time.