April 6th, 2006


The Chickens of the Apocalypse

So, it turns out that I live just inside the 6 mile surveillance zone for the UK's first case of H5N1 bird flu. It will be interesting to see whether this has any practical effect on my life.

I think that in all probability, like foot and mouth a few years ago, it will largely pass me by as although I live in a small village I don't have really have any contact with the avian inhabitants. However, there's always that slim but worrying possibility that at some point it will become more serious for the general human population - and of course, it can't be good news for the local wildlife, poultry or poultry farmers.

It looks like the northern end of the Isle of May is also within the surveillance zone, so although some of the reports I've heard say we can be thankful that half of the zone lies out to sea, I think they're maybe missing something. Not that birds are great respecters of perfectly circular conceptual zones anyway...