December 8th, 2004

Technical Support

Made an Impression

Insights Impressions for Pocket PC has passed the testing we submitted it for a couple of weeks ago, and qualifies for the Designed for Windows Mobile logo.

There hasn't been a business decision about whether to release it in the same way as the Palm version, but I expect that will be decided one way or another in the next couple of weeks. From the development point of view, it doesn't matter, as for us it has been an icebreaker project to get our .NET development under way and we expect to be able to re-use a fair percentage of the code in more strategic projects. Of course it also contributes to the ISV Competency of the Microsoft Certified Partner scheme, and if we can do more logo-compliant work in future it's quite feasible we could qualify for the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Level. Something to look forward to, perhaps?