May 25th, 2004


Not dead yet

The main reason I haven't written anything in a while is that I've asked for company guidelines on blogging work and I'm still waiting to hear...

In the meanwhile, scottymcleod and Jan (especially Jan) have multiplied successfully, so welcome to young Andrew. Last week, most of our team attended a very helpful two day Microsoft Technical Roadshow in Edinburgh, and a minor leak in my house was fixed after three weekends of plumbers' visits. Fortunately, only one visit actually cost me and the leak was under control at all times.

I've put off putting paintbrush to T-Rex (here's someone else's effort) and also avoided assaulting the garden with a machete and vicious chemical pollutants. I've looked at the price of a round of golf on the local golf course (£50 concession price for locals and £135 full price for others [faints dead away]) and eschewing golf matters in favour of more sedentary pursuits I've acquired the latest compact disc offerings from Alanis Morissette and Avril Lavigne.

Other stuff may have happened too, but if so it must have been less memorable than the above, you'll be glad to hear.