March 15th, 2004



Today's discovery was MakeMSI, a freeware MSI creation tool which looks a bit more powerful and flexible than the projects built into Visual Studio.

Having had a quick skim of the documentation (or "doco", as our Antipodean author charmingly calls it) I suspect it's too much work for me to bother playing with it much, unless I can summon up the enthusiasm to write an MSI installer for Dimitri van Heesch's doxygen to replace/complement the InnoSetup installer I contributed a couple of years ago.

My enthusiasm for such a task is not helped by the fact that recently it's been next to impossible to connect to the doxygen site - I've been completely unable to download the last two versions. It's probably a victim of its own popularity, but you would have thought Dimitri would have sorted out whatever the connectivity issue is by now.

However, MakeMSI is definitely one to add to the list of "potentially useful things".