Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Big Brother

Shades of Big Brother in this, if you are concerned about such things, but:
This mildly interesting application can plot LJ friends on a map - If you're not particularly concerned about your location being stored in a database somewhere, please add it starting with this form, which will also create a map for you. I think it will try to figure out your location from your LJ details if it can.
Responding to this on sharikkamur's page was the first time I've used the Rand McNally GPS that piggy-backs on my Palm III in years... Unlike more recent, discreet models, it makes my Palm look like an AWACS (NATO picture - 375k). I had to find the old program that does basic stuff like reporting latitude and longitude and reinstall it, but once I took a quick wander into the garden it picked up 7 satellites and a couple were still visible when I returned to my desk.

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