Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

A Good Day

We've been accepted on to an early adopter programme for Visual Studio 2005, which translates into extra support and training for using beta development software in return for the usual sort of feedback, making a release on the same sort of timescale as VS2005, and being prepared to be a case study if called upon. As VS2005 offers us a number of improvements that we want to take advantage of, that sounded pretty good to us. Thanks to scottymcleod for the information that led us to apply.

I've just listened to the First Fit of the Tertiary Phase of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Radio 4 (via terrestrial digital TV), and it wasn't too bad. The characterisation of the sentient mattress was particularly enjoyable.

I have the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD to watch (well, original-ish, but I'm not the type to quibble over the differences), and a box of dinosaurs arrived from my sister. Apparently when ordering she mentioned that they were intended as a gift and the suppliers chucked in some extras. I don't want to expose them to exploitation by name-checking them, but let's just say that a company with a diving-suit logo are pretty decent guys! Thanks to kateaw and tobyaw for helpfully accepting delivery when I was inconvenienced.

I also have a fine new mug for work, courtesy of qidane, and a new icon courtesy of msinvisfem.
Tags: dvd, movies, prehistory, software development

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