Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Mystery Art Uncovered

The five book sculptures revealed during the week can be seen on the results page and in this BBC gallery. They'll go on show in the places where they were found; the finders get a special cup by the same artist (not pictured).

I didn't entirely get my act together on Monday or Tuesday (though I did point out a URL error to the organisers on Tuesday for which they were grateful), but found a few lunchtime moments to solve all the clues on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and was very tempted to request an emergency half day when Thursday's location turned out to be J.M. Barrie's birthplace in Kirriemuir, for a Peter Pan themed sculpture. I resisted the urge though, and the sculpture was found by someone who drove up from Edinburgh. Besides being local, Kirriemuir has fond memories for me because it's where my grandparents lived and my dad grew up. I missed being born there by about a month, as that was when my parents moved down to the Borders.
Tags: books, scotland, whimsy

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