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Especially for you...

...this entry is being hand-written in front of the television and submitted via wireless.

Yes, I'm playing with a new toy, although strictly speaking it's not mine. We have a new Pocket PC at work so that we can test software on it, and I've invited it home to get to know it better.

So far it's proving fairly easy to get used to. I have used a Palm III since 1998, so I am familiar with the idea of a handheld, and I'm even finding that all that time using Graffiti has not been wasted - there's a "Block Recognizer" input method which bears, ahem, a distinct similarity to Graffiti 1.

I may write more about my impressions later, though probably in a more traditional way with a desktop PC and a keyboard. This way of writing does get a little tiring for extended text entry, even with the rather handy predictive text menus that are part of the experience.
Tags: hardware, software development, work

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