Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Deep Fried in ’Diego

’There's a reason that Scotland languishes at only second fattest nation in the world. America can see us the infamous deep fried Mars bar and raise it… quite a bit.

Mean looking bunny, San Diego Fair

Tuesday saw us a little north of San Diego for the San Diego County Fair. At heart it’s an agricultural fair, but the agricultural part is dwarfed by other fair trappings – stalls selling stuff from key chains to jacuzzis, exhibitions of hand crafts, fairground rides and many, many food stalls.

One particular attraction that caught my eye, given where I work, was this:

Sadly, it looks far more exciting than any of our actual kit, which is very pedestrian by comparison. This behemoth is claimed to produce a personality analysis from your handwriting. I’m afraid I didn’t put it to the test, though perhaps for the princely sum of $3 I should have done it for amusement value.

Rather as I’d done with the Televac Personality Computer, I only looked at most of the scary, scary foodstuffs on offer, but here’s a selection, starting with a funnel cake. Watch out for the deep fried Kool-Aid, deep fried butter (really!) and probably the one that most makes you ask “Why?”: jalapenos stuffed with Baby Ruth chocolate bars, deep fried, and served on a bed of “fresh” churros (think straightened-out doughnuts).

Funnel cake with raspberry sauce, San Diego FairTater Twisters, San Diego FairDeep fried assortment, San Diego FairCandy Kabob (kebab), San Diego FairThe Maple Bacon Donut, San Diego FairDeep Fried Butter, San Diego FairBaby-Ruth-stuffed Jalapeño, San Diego Fair

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