Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Millie v. The Hampsters*

I’m not much of a dreamer, but I’ve had some strange dreams over the last couple of days which I presume are due to being knocked out of my routine (my medication isn’t very exotic). As usual for me, they fade pretty fast and I don’t remember much about them, but I thought this one was worth sharing the concept of, before it disappears like the detail already has:

The villainess, a schoolgirl kidnapper whose preferred medium of communication is through 1960s ska (with unseen accompaniment), is opposed by a randomish assortment of unlikely individuals who each have a superpower that consists of changing into a small, inoffensive animal. They set off to investigate the parts of buildings that conventional searchers can’t get into.

There’s gotta be a smash TV series in it, right? Winking smile 

* Yes, I know, spelling. It’s a reference to a meme from the 1990s. Its original page disappeared with Geocities, but there’s a copy still around. And Millie was the only female name I could think of associated with 1960s ska, even though My Boy Lollipop wasn’t among the selection my protagonist employed. Nor, staying on the small animal theme, was Oh Henry, although I’m sure that one would have cropped up in the showdown somehow if I’d got that far before waking up.

Edit: I would also have really hoped to hear Monkey Ska, originally by Derrick Harriot.

Tags: music, tv, whimsy

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