Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

The Election Results

Excellent. A majority for the SNP in a proportional electoral system that was specifically chosen to prevent just that ever happening – against not one other major party,but three. That is a stunning result that – realistically – may never be repeated.

After four years of minority government by the SNP, with very hostile opposition and no friends in the media, all three opposition parties took a pounding, which shows that the SNP have done something very right and the other parties have all got it very wrong. Without getting into the politics of it too much, the SNP have come across as can-do and consensual, while the other parties have often appeared negative and oppositionist.

People want positive government, something they’re unused to getting from political parties of all stripes, and they’ve responded to it positively when it’s come along.

That’s about all I want to say, and I haven’t gone into any specifics about policies because I don’t want to get bogged down in discussing them. This is not a political blog, and despite occasionally feeling that I need to comment on something, I want it to stay that way. And I don’t currently have the energy to respond anyway.

I don’t really want to publicise my own political preferences much, but I feel obliged to let you know where I’m coming from, so: I’ve largely viewed myself as a floating voter since turning 18 in 1985, although practically speaking my vote has almost always gone to the Liberals or Lib-Dems. I nearly decided to vote SNP when the Lib Dems first adopted a specific policy against holding a referendum on independence in 2003, and they lost it when they put that policy into practice by choosing to stay out of coalition government on those grounds in 2007. Blocking democratic expression isn’t a “principle” worth staying out of government for.

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