Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig


You may not have noticed I was gone, but I’m just back from an impromptu stay at Ninewells that started on Monday; my first experience of hospital as an inpatient.

The reason sounds a bit silly. It was a nosebleed (spontaneous). But it started around 6 in the morning, and didn’t really, fully stop for the rest of the day, although it was brought under control in the afternoon. I was put on IV fluids, but no blood transfusion required.

There wasn’t a definite resolution to the problem so it may occur again, though hopefully not. For now, I’ve to take it easy to avoid unnecessarily triggering a repeat. A repeat would probably mean surgery.

With help from qidane, I made it home in time to vote without an emergency proxy (which was also an option thanks to qidane), though far from being my usual first or second at the polling station.

Tags: dundee, health
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