Gavin Greig (ggreig) wrote,
Gavin Greig

Rained on by the Cloud

Looks like I’m one of the unlucky 0.08% of users whose account has disappeared due to some sort of error at Google.

More luckily, I’m pretty sceptical of the whole idea of “The Cloud” and don’t rely on GMail. Where my e-mail’s concerned, I prefer to rely on an organisation where there’s at least a chance of getting someone on the phone when something goes wrong. However, I am missing some of Google’s other features – I use iGoogle as my home page, and although I don’t need things like the webmaster tools, I’ll feel more comfortable if they come back.

I reported the issue before leaving home this morning, though I’m only just starting to see news reports about it now. Hope it gets sorted out without too much additional hassle.

Update: service seems to have returned at some point during the evening.

Tags: events, information technology, thought

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